The benefits of grid connected storage

On Wednesday February 11, 2015 just after 23:30, Al Omaria 400kV substation experienced a trip which disconnected approximately 2,000MW – roughly 40% of its actual power generation  apacity at that moment - from the Kuwaiti grid. The Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) couldn’t save the grid despite maintaining a very high share of spinning reserve. The frequency dropped as low as 46 Hz and Kuwait experienced a blackout that lasted a couple of hours. While MEW officials still debate the root cause of the incident, one has to pose the  uestion - what could have been done to avoid a black out in such circumstances? No conventional gas or steam turbine technology can respond fast enough to achieve the frequency support  he Kuwait grid would have needed at that moment to save the day. It would probably have required a strategic reserve in the range of around 800MW with a response time of less than 30ms  o buy enough time for the grid operator to react and for conventional power generation assets to sufficiently ramp up.


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