Regional Organisations

Arab Renewable Energy Commission

In January 2011, the Jordan Renewable Energy Commission announced that it had been selected to host the Arab Renewable Energy Commission (AREC). Members states are said to include: Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Qatar, Libya, Bahrain, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and the UAE. We have not been able to find a relevant link.

Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

RCREEE has ten founding members, including AlgeriaEgyptJordanLebanon,LibyaMoroccoPalestineSyriaTunisia, and Yemen. During the start-up phase, RCREEE is sponsored by Egypt, also serving as host country for the Centre, as well as Germany, the EU and Denmark (the development partners). RCREEE works closely with the Arab League.

RCREEE is doing significant work in the areas of policy and regulation. It is working to develop SWH certification and standardization, model land use agreements, national energy efficiency plans and other areas of critical importance to the sector. They have also developed an Arabia RE strategy, Arab Energy Efficiency Guideline and Arabia vision for solar electricity generation.


MEDENER: Mediterranean Association of the national agencies for energy conservation


MED-ENEC: Energy Efficiency in the Construction Sector in the Mediterranean

This collaboration funded in large part by German and working with RCREEE is supporting the development of national energy efficiency plans.


The EU – GCC Clean Energy Network

The EU – GCC Clean Energy Network aims to respond to the common interests of stakeholders, both in the GCC and the EU, active in the field of clean energy. The EU – GCC Clean Energy Network is the practical instrument for development of concrete cooperation activities on clean energy, including the related policy and technology aspects, among various players across the EU and GCC countries.

MASDAR Institute, in Abu Dhabi, UAE is the GCC counterpart to the EU Consortium in the Network’s development and operation.


AFED: Arab Forum for Environment and Development

The Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) is a not-for-profit regional non-governmental organization, grouping experts together with the civil society, business community and media, to promote prudent environmental policies and programmes across the Arab region.


OME: Observatoire  Méditerranéen de l’ Energie

OME is a nonprofit Association created in 1988. The Association counts thirty three leading Mediterranean energy companies from sixteen countries. The offices are located in Nanterre- France.
The main objective of the Association is to promote cooperation and collaboration with major energy companies operating in the Mediterranean region, making of energy an element for regional integration.


MEDREC : Mediterraneal Renewable Energy Centre

Centre for training, information dissemination, networking and development of pilot projects in the field of renewable energies, based in Tunis. The Partners of the MEDREC are International and Governmental Institutions, working on energy and environmental sustainability, in the following countries: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. Set up by the Italian Ministry of The Environment and Territory (IMET), the Ministry for Industry and Energy of Tunisia (TMIE) and the Tunisian National Agency for Energy Efficiency (ANME).


Clean Energy Map

Our comprehensive map of clean energy projects in the region

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