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EAEE: Egyptian Association for Energy and Environment

EAEE is a non -profit NGO. Members are persons engaged in industry, development, and utilization of energy and environment and we are promoting the utilization of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Egypt through education, research, technology development and marketing.


JCEE: Egyptian German Joint Committee on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

The Joint Committee, abbreviated JCEE is a new form of a cooperation framework with a broad scope of  work for a sustainable energy future in Egypt through dissemination of renewable energy applications and energy efficiency technologies.

The JCEE offers a platform for energy policy discussion, for developing initiatives for investment as well as institutional projects, awareness and capacity building activities and establishing contacts and exchange between the two countries. It has links to bilateral initiatives on renewable energy and energy efficiency and tries to activate synergies between them.


EGWEA: Egyptian Wind Energy Association

EGWEA promotes and supports wind energy development in Egypt by facilitating the exchange of technical information, expertise and experience in the wind energy sector. It aims to further the wind energy interests of Egypt in particular and developing countries in general.



JRES: Jordanian Renewable Energy Society

The Jordanian Renewable Energy Society wants to stimulate the exploitation of renewable energy resources in Jordan or any where, world wide, and use that energy efficiently and feasibly for the benefit of Jordan and for all Arabic countries and invest in the know how of renewable energy technology for the benefit of the Arabic world and concentrate on the future energy from the sun.


NCRD: National Centre for Research & Development: energy research programme

Performs studies, research, and experimental projects on the use of local new and renewable energy sources like oil shale wind energy, solar energy, bio-mass and geothermal.



LASE: Lebanese Association for Sustainable Energy: this Association deals with reliable energy supply in Lebanon

LSES: Lebanese Solar Energy Society: for information on training and a national RE & EE Directory, see the LSES

LGBC: Lebanon Green Building Council : The aim of the organization is to provide a Lebanese certification system for buildings that adopt environmental parameters and to transform the way buildings and communities are designed into a prosperous environment that improves the quality of life.


ADEERE:  Agence Nationale pour le Development des Energies Renouvelables et l’Efficacité Energétique

L’ADEREE a pour mission de développer et promouvoir les Energies Renouvelables et l’Efficacité Energétique afin de contribuer à la mise en œuvre de la politique nationale visant la réduction de la dépendance énergétique et la préservation de l’environnement.

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MASEN: Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy

Moroccan Agency For Solar Energy», in short “ MASEN “,is  a Joint Stock Company with a Board of Trustees and a Supervisory Board. The company aims at implementing a program for the development of integrated electricity production projects  from solar energy  with a minimum total capacity of 2000 MW



Renewable Energy Network Oman

Representing most institutions in Oman, the Renewable Energy Network in Oman aims to promote the communication and technical education of scientists,  engineers, technicians, managers, and decision makers in the field of renewable energies and to address itself to the energy needs of the country



The Renewable & Sustainable Energies Research Group (RASERG) was established in April 2003, at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU)College of Engineering.



KISR: Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research: Renewable Energy Program and Energy Efficiency Technology Program

The Energy Center at KISR  has five programs. The Renewable Energy program and Energy Efficiency Technology Program are two of them.



PERC: Palestinian Energy and Environment Research Center

The Palestinian Energy and Environment Research Center Is a national R&D institution responsible for research and implementation of renewable energies and energy efficiency in Palestine.



Qatar Foundation: Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute

Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI) aims to mitigate climate change and contaminants harmful to the environment as well as contaminants affecting humans. Specific areas of study related to energy include fossil fuels, solar energy and fuel cells.



KAUST: Solar and Photovoltaics Engineering Research Center, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

The Solar and Alternative Energy Engineering Research Center wants to become a leading institute in renewable energy science and engineering and will provide the foundation for innovation in efficient and low-cost disruptive photovoltaic (PV) foundational technologies. The Center will start with a heavy focus on solar energy and expand in the future years to encompass areas such as energy storage, wind energy, and geothermal energy

Al Aghar Group Think Tank



Emirates GBC:

Emirates Green Building Council was formed in 2006, with the goal of advancing green building principles for protecting the environment and ensuring sustainability in the United Arab Emirates.

Masdar Institute

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) is the world’s first graduate-level university dedicated to providing real-world solutions to issues of sustainability. The Institute’s goal is to become a world-class research-driven graduate-level university, focusing on advanced energy and sustainable technologies. Masdar Institute is based in Abu Dhabi.


National Water & Energy Research Centre

The National Water and Energy Research Center, a subsidiary of ADWEA (Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority), was established in 1999 and carries out research of water and energy utilizing modern innovative technology; specifically concerning power generation and water desalination.  The development of renewable and alternative energy techniques is a main concern for the center, as well as the transfer of knowledge, innovation and national and regional participation affording technical and cost effective solutions for the preservation of the environment and a variety of power and water resources.


ESIA: Emirates Solar Industry Association

The Emirates Solar Industry Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation which aims to provide an all-inclusive platform bringing together stakeholders from the UAE solar industry.


Clean Energy Map

Our comprehensive map of clean energy projects in the region

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