The wind industry comprises large onshore wind farms, off-shore wind farms and smaller micro-turbines used in both distributed grid-connected applications as well as off-grid.

Countries in MENA where the wind resources are good have embraced this technology. Egypt is considered the frontrunner for the region but projects exist in many countries including MoroccoTunisiaJordanUAE and Oman.

Why Wind Technology

Wind technology is well established globally as an effective and efficient means of electricity production. The global industry has witnessed an average growth of around 27% for the last 5 years. The USA has the largest amount of installed capacity and China has doubled its wind capacity for each of the last 5 years. While mapping a wind resource takes considerable time, once understood, wind projects are relatively simple to execute and reliable. While siting wind farms can be controversial, sound regulation that protects sensitive environments and community concerns ensures a sustainable national industry. Wind projects can make considerable contributions to national renewable energy targets should wind resources be available.

Intermittency of wind generation is one of the key downsides to the technology – i.e. the wind doesn’t always blow when electricity is needed. Modern wind farms are generally able to manage this issue through siting, load management and balancing with other grid components such as hydro.

Wind Technology

If you’re interested in understanding more about wind technology we suggest that the look at the IEA’s Wind Essentials. Download Here

Projects in the Region

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Zafarana Wind Farm – 305MW – CDM project – Denmark, Germany, Egypt


Binalood- 43 MW, 66 turbines

Manjil  – 101 MW, 171 turbines


Al Kamshah – 30-40 MW


Libya Wind Farm – 20MW


Masirah Island – Gulf Renewable Energy – 500kW

Al Khairat, a Wilyiat of Thumrait – 4.2MW  –  Zubair/Tefirom/Suzlon


Sidi Daoud Wind Farm – 50 MW

Metline and Kchabta Wind Farms – 120MW


There are 57 projects listed in Turkey. See the Windnet database for more information


El Koudia EL Baida – 50MW

Cap Sim – 60MW

Ain El Alak, EL Haoud & Beni Mejmel – 140MW

United Arab Emirates

Sir Baniyas Island

Download the Fact Sheet here. 

Want to know more

EGWEA: Egyptian Wind Energy Association

EGWEA promotes and supports wind energy development in Egypt by facilitating the exchange of technical information, expertise and experience in the wind energy sector. It aims to further the wind energy interests of Egypt in particular and developing countries in general.



TheWindPower.Net provides a useful search tool that has been updated this year. Some data is for sale but general searching is free.


Clean Energy Map

Our comprehensive map of clean energy projects in the region

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