Featured Presentations & Case Studies

GCC HVAC Summit, Dusit Thani Dubai, 15 November 2017

  • Presentation by CEBC CEO, Stephane le Gentil [download]

RetrofitTech KSA conference, November 2017

  • Presentation by CEBC CEO, Stephane le Gentil, on The Regional Energy Efficiency Market  [download]

Dubai Solar Show Seminar Week 2017 / WETEX 2017

  • Achieving Zero Net Energy – The Sustainable City [download]
  • Concessional Financing and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) – Castalia Strategy [download]
  • Distributed Solar Investor [download]
  • Global Challenge of Climate Change – Making the Paris Agreement Work [download]
  • Tackling Climate Change – How Hydrogen Enables the Energy Transition: A European Perspective – EU-GCC Clean Energy Network [download]
  • Overview of Regulatory Frameworks and Policies Necessary to Drive the Uptake of Renewables in the MENA Region – EU-GCC Clean Energy Network [download]
  • Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation – Early Ambition in a Post Paris World – Carbon Tanzania [download]
  • The Importance of Energy Efficiency to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement – Environment Agency Abu Dhabi [download]
  • Realizing Improved Industrial Energy Efficiency Through Implementation of ISO 50001 – Energetics Incorporated [download]
  • The Indian Growth Story – Rooftop Storage Solutions with Energy Storage Applications [download]
  • Tipping Point rEVolution – Why the Future of Mobility is Electric [download]

Workshop: Green Bonds & Sukuk and Crowdfunding RE in MENA

  • Green Financing – Merging of Shariah and Conventional? – Amanie Advisors [download]
  • Growth of the Green Bond Market [download]
  • Overview of Green Bond Principles and the Climate Bond Standard – PwC [download]
  • An Introduction to Crowdfunding – Eureeca [download]
  • P2P Marketplace Lending – Beehive Group [download]

The Solar Dispatchability Challenge: The Best Technologies for Dispatchability to Renewable Energy

  • The Solar Dispatchability Challenge [webinar]
  • The Solar Dispatchability Challenge [download]
  • Identifying the Best Technologies to Secure Ready Dispatchability to Renewable Energy [download]
  • The Value of CSP with Dispatchable Thermal Energy Storage [download]
  • Integration of solar power and storage in Spain [download]

Webinar recording & Presentations

  • How to Harness the Immense Electric Vehicle Opportunity [webinar]
  • How to select the best batteries for your PV with storage projects [webinar]

Solar Middle East 2017

  • Thermodynamic Solar Energy Seminar [download]
  •  Technical and Financial Risk Mitigation of PV Power Plants [download]

World Future Energy Summit – Tech Talk

  • WFES – Energy Efficiency Tech Talk January 2017 [download]
  • Independent Engineering (IE) Services for Photovoltaic Power PlantsFailures and Risk Management [download]

5th Annual MENA Clean Energy Summit 2016

  • Role of Solar in Combating Climate Change [download]
  • Renewables in Oman – Status Quo and Way Forward [download]
  • Increasing CSP in MENA and the Role of Energy Storage [download]
  • Energy Efficiency in the GCC – Status and Outlook [download]
  • Economics of Net Metering & Wheeling in Jordan & Value of Storage [download]
  • Challenges Financing Utility Scale Solar Projects – Case Study of CSP versus PV [download]
  • 4 Things Transforming the Energy Sector [download]

Women in Leadership: The Role of Women in Economic Development and Climate Change

  • Engie Gender Diversity Program [video]
  • Clean Energy Ministerial: C3E Initiative Overview [download]
  • Clean Energy Ministerial: C3E Initiative Overview [download]
  • Gender Diversity: A Business Case for Keeping Women in the Business Pipeline [download]
  • Entrepreneurship for the Renewables Sector A Key Driver of Economic Growth [download]
  • UNDP Climate Change and Social Vulnerability [download]

Dubai Solar Show Seminar Week

  • Dubai Vision – Cultural Competition for Schools [download]
  • Energy Financing [download]
  • Intro to Utility-Connected PV System Design [download]
  • AC and DC Coupling & Microgrids [download]
  • Grid Connected Energy Storage Applications [download]
  • Dubai Solar Schools [download]
  • Off-Grid Power Applications in the Middle East [download]
  • ​​Smart Grids and Renewables – The Power of the Active Grid [download]
  • ​​Smarter PV, Better Return – FusionSolar PV Solution [download]
  • ​​Soiling Mitigation Review – 13 MW First Phase of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park [download]

Energy Efficiency Workshop

  • Energy Savings Performance Contracting – Smart4Power [download]
  • Climate Action Post-Paris – Environment Agency Abu Dhabi [download]
  • Intelligent Efficiency at Work – Smart Automation Energy [download]
  • Financed Energy Retrofits – taka Solutions [download]
  • Dubai Green Deal – Dubai Carbon [download]

Renewables Revolution: Waste to Energy Generation

  • Bee’ah Presentation – Mohammed Nayeem Quraishi [download]
  • Financing Model for Decentralised WtE [download]
  • Renewable Energy from SSO & MSW (Anaergia) [download]
  • Renewables Revolution – Waste to Energy Generat [download]
  • Success Factors for WtE Projects (Ashurst) [download]
  • Transforming Waste into Energy & Resources [download]

CSP Tower Technology Webinar – 27 July 2016

  • CSP Markets Presentation from Belén Gallego of ata [download]
  • CSP Tower Technology with Molten Salt Presentation from Philip Hale of SolarReserve [download]
  • Video of the recordings of the webinar [watch]

EU GCC Clean Energy Network Consultation Workshop (Dr. Nasser Saidi) [download] Project Financing for Deployment of Clean Energy in MENA 3 May 2016

  • New Oil ‘Normal’ and the Impact on Renewables (Dr. Nasser Saidi) [download]
  • Risks & Barriers of Renewable Energy Financing & Investment (IRENA) [download]
  • State of Green Finance in the UAE (Ministry of Environment & Climate Change) [download]
  • Jordan Regulatory Model: Wheeling, Net Metering & Direct Bidding (First Solar) [download]
  • Case Study: DEWA 200MW PV (ACWA Power) [download]
  • Case Study: Jebel Ali Free Zone Energy Retrofit Program (Etihad ESCO) [download]

Hybrid, Off-Grid Solar Power for the GCC 16 March 2016

  • PV/Diesel Hybrid System Without Energy Storage (Consolidated Contractors Company) [download]
  • Off-Grid Power Applications in the Middle East (Enerwhere) [download]
  • The Role of Battery Storage in Off-Grid Solutions and Likely Timing for its Effective Deployment (Eversheds) [download]
  • Latest Technologies for Hybrid Plants: Importance of Storage and Control for Smart HPPs (GP Tech) [download]
  • ABB Automation for Solar Applications (ABB) [download]
  • Why Go Solar:  Economics of Utility Scale Solar-Hybrid Solutions (First Solar) [download]
  • Caterpillar Hybrid Microgrids (Caterpillar) [download]
  • Opportunities to Integrate Renewable Energy into Isolated Power Systems (Saudi Aramco) [download]

IRENA Project Navigator Workshop Presentation [download]   4th Annual MENA Clean Energy Forum 2015 8 December 2015

  • Opening Address: Dr. Nasser Saidi (CEBC) [download]
  • Welcome Address: Suresh Bhaskar (ENGIE) [download]
  • DSM Strategy 2030: Green Buildings & Energy Management (DSCE) [download]
  • Renewable Energy in Jordan (EMRC) [download]
  • Renewable Energy in Oman (The Research Council) [download]
  • Egypt Experience Gained from BOO to FiT (EETC) 
  • Latest Developments in Morocco’s Renewables Program & Lessons Learned (SMADER) [download]
  • Renewable Energy Developments in the GCC: A Revival (IRENA) [download]
  • Women in Clean Energy MENA [download]
  • Smart Grids & Energy Storage Enabling RE Developments (IRENA) [download]
  • Smart Grids – Application & Architecture (IEEE) 
  • Smart Grids & Energy Storage Innovations (MiccGreentec) [download]
  • Long Term Outlook for the Global Power Sector (BNEF) [download]

Energy Storage: The Future of Renewable Energy & Enabler of Smart Grids March 2015

  • Financing Distributed Generation [Download]
  • Temporary Solar-Hybrid Power Solutions for the Off-­grid Market [Download]
  • Grid Connected Large Scale Energy Storage Development [Download]
  • Hydraulic Rock Storage – an efficient system for large grid scale storage [Download]
  • Large Scale Energy Storage Development Worldwide [Download]
  • Integrating Renewable Generation With Energy Storage And Gas Turbine Generation [Download]
  • QMICC™ Based Solar Power – Energy Independence with Storage [Download]
  • Energy Management Solutions [Download]
  • SMART Connected Products [Download]

CEBC MENA Clean Energy Forum Dec 2014

  • CEBC Chairman’s Opening Speech (Dr. Nasser Saidi) [Download]
  • Dentons – CEBC Presentation 1 Dec 2014 (Rajan Phakey)(14102425_1) [Download]
  • Enerwhere – CEBC MENA Forum – 2014-12-01-1 [Download]
  • Groceries and Energy Projects (Dentons) [Download]
  • MENA Cleantech survey 2014 Highlights & Challenges (EY) [Download]
  • Presentation – UNDP [Download]
  • Renewable Energy and Jobs (IRENA) [Download]
  • Smart Grid (CLS) [Download]
  • Solar PV powered Desalination Solutions (First Solar) [Download]
  • Temporary Solar-Hybrid Power Solutions for the Off-grid Market (Enerwhere) [Download]
  • UNDP Partnerships for Climate Change & Energy (UNDP) [Download]
  • What Gets Measured Gets Managed (V4 Advisors) [Download]
  • Wind (DNV GL) [Download]

Breakfast Seminar – Financing Sustainable Energy in MENA 2014

  • Facilitating Access to Finance for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Investments in the MENA Region [Download]
  • Financing Solutions for Renewable Temporary / Off-grid Power [Download]
  • Etihad Energy Services, Energy Efficiency Financing – The Dubai story so far [Download]
  • Sustainable Energy Financing in MENA, Tapping Capital Markets through Green Bonds [Download]

Creating Smart Sustainable Cities

  • Connections change everything (Cisco) [Download]
  • loE (Cisco) [Download]
  • Smart Water Network (Schneider Electric) [Download]
  • ADWEA Smart Grid Implementation Roadmap (Transco) [Download]
  • The Smart Grid Map (Elster) [Download]
  • Energy Balance burning platform (Accenture) [Download]
  • Smarter Energy & Utilities an IBM View (IBM) [Download]
  • Delivering urban efficiency through Collaboration (Schneider) [Download]

MENA: Fulcrum of Global Energy, IPFA-Freshfields Seminar: “The Shifting Sands of Energy in MENA”

  • Dr. Nasser Saidi, by Chief Economist & Head External Relations DIFC and chairman Clean Energy Business Council, London, 22 June 2011. [View the presentation here]
  • KAUST: New Energy Oasis. KAUST are seeking further partners to participate in their demonstration facility for solar PV. [View the presentation here]
  • Gulf Financial Conferences: Renewable Energy Finance 2010 – GFC are gaining a reputation for hosting challenging conferences in the Middle East. In this presentation, speakers from all over the region talk about the challenges for renewable energy [View the presentation here]

Featured Case Studies

Here we plan to build up a rich portfolio of Case Studies of Projects from around the region on both projects and countries. If you have a Case Study, please contact us CEBC is in talks with a range of institutions regarding the establishment of a standardized set of case studies for projects in the region. Should you have an interest in working with us please do not hesitate to be in contact. Masdar 10 MW Power plant, Abu Dhabi This is the largest Grid-Connected Solar Farm in the Middle East. | [Download the case study here] Performance Evaluation of CdTe PV Modules under Natural Outdoor Conditions in Kuwait This case study considers the unique issue of PV module performance in the harsh middle east conditions. [Download the case study here] Shams 1 Solar Power Project Financing Shines A Light On Renewable Energy In The Gulf Standard & Poor’s credit analyst Karim Nassif discusses why they think renewable energy will grow in the GCC region, based on an analysis of the transaction of Shams 1 Solar Power Project in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Download the analysis here (Standard & Poors, 29 March 2011, 7 pages)

Clean Energy Map

Our comprehensive map of clean energy projects in the region

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