International Energy Agency, Technology Roadmap, Concentrating Solar Power, 2010

This concentrating solar power roadmap is part of a series being developed by the IEA in response to the pressing need to accelerate the development of advanced energy technologies to address the global challenges of clean energy, climate change and sustainable development. To achieve this ambitious goal, the IEA has undertaken, under international guidance and in close consultation with industry, to develop a series of global roadmaps covering 19 technologies. These are evenly divided among demand-side and supply-side technologies.

The overall aim of these roadmaps is to demonstrate the critical role of energy technologies in achieving the stated goal of halving energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2050. The roadmaps will enable governments, industry and financial partners to identify the practical steps they can take to participate fully in the collective effort required.

The overall aim of this CSP roadmap is to identify actions required – on the part of all stakeholders – to accelerate CSP deployment globally.

Full report (49 pages): download here

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