CEBC Events

How to Harness the Immense Electric Vehicle (EV) Opportunity

  • Date: July 11, 2017
  • Location: Online Webinar
  • Cost: Free of Charge

Leading industry analysts believe that Electric Vehicles (EVs) with ranges from 200km to 500km on a charge will have the same up-front costs to buy in 2025 as combustion engine vehicles. This is a game changer for the automotive industry and the global economics of oil, merging this huge market into the electricity realm, slowly......Read more

The Solar Dispatchability Challenge: Identifying the Best Technologies to Secure Ready Dispatchability to Renewable Energy

  • Date: August 15, 2017
  • Location: Online Webinar
  • Cost: Free of Charge

With more solar electricity entering the grid at record low prices, the future of energy is renewable. But as more peak load electricity enters the system, batteries and storage become essential for load shifting and to maintain the integrity of the grid.  But what are the most promising technologies developing that allow grids to manage energy loads?......Read more

Clean Energy Map

Our comprehensive map of clean energy projects in the region

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