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Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index June 2015

With many countries in the Mediterranean basin continuing to suffer in the wake of the global financial crisis and the social and political unrest of the Arab Spring, the recent EY Strategic Growth Forum® (SGF) in Rome explored whether the region can use energy to secure its own future. Our feature outlines the key fi ndings of a panel discussion with some of the industry’s key…

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For over a century, energy storage in the power sector has been dominated by one technology – pumped hydropower storage. Along with the rest of the sector, that is beginning to change. Renewable energy deployment and policies to modernise electricity production and consumption are propelling numerous advances, including increased battery storage. This technology stores energy chemically and can be located at…

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California Energy Storage Roadmap Companion Document

The CPUC is actively pursuing efforts to improve policies and streamline interconnection practices for energy storage and other distributed energy resources in several proceedings. Although CPUC staff participated actively in the roadmap development, staff cannot dictate future CPUC actions. Parties are encouraged to actively participate in CPUC proceedings to raise issues and work in collaboration…

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Advancing and maximizing the value of Energy Storage Technology

California is a worldwide leader in shifting to sustainable and renewable energy sources, including solar, wind and geothermal power, with the goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But by its nature, electricity must be used the instant it is generated, which makes solar and wind resources challenging to manage on the power grid. Power from these renewable generation sources is produced at…

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MENA Cleantech report

The 2014 MENA Cleantech Survey gauges the sentiment of senior industry executives regarding the cleantech industry and renewable energy implementation in the Middle East and North Africa Region. The survey identifies the most important market drivers, prospects for growth and key issues, provides an additional voice of the market and articulates the attractiveness of technologies among different countries in the region. Download report

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Barclays MSCI Green Bond Index

The Barclays MSCI Green Bond Index provides a clear and independently evaluated measure of the global green bond market, setting a rigorous standard for this growing new asset class. The Barclays MSCI Green Bond Index family offers investors an objective and robust measure of the global market for fixed income securities issued to fund projects with direct environmental benefits. An independent research-driven…

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Renewable Energy & Jobs: Annual Review 2014 \ IRENA

  As the slow recovery in the global economy fails to invigorate labour markets, job creation has come to the forefront of policy debate and countries’ strategic choices. While the potential of renewable energy to create jobs is widely recognised, further analysis is required to understand its full benefits. Assessing the status and trends in renewable energy employment and analysing all related dimensions (policies,…

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Taxing Fossil Fuels under Speculative Storage Dec 2014 (IMF Working Paper)

This paper formulates and solves a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) model with nominal rigidities and an energy market (with exhaustible and renewable resources), where government implements tax policies to discourage fossil fuel usage. One distinctive feature of the model, which should perhaps be emphasized in advance, is the existence of a fossil fuel storage facility that allows for…

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The New Climate Economy Report 2014

The next 15 years will be critical, as the global economy undergoes a deep structural transformation that will determine the future of the world’s climate system. It will not be “business as usual”. The global economy will grow by more than half, a billion more people will come to live in cities, and rapid technological advance will continue…

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Global Market Outlook for Photovoltaics 2014-2018 | EPIA (2014)

With at least 38.4 gigawatts (GW) of newly-installed solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity worldwide and a global cumulative installed capacity of 138.9 GW, 2013 was another historic year for solar PV technology. Compared to the two previous years, where installed capacity hovered only slightly above 30 GW annually, the PV market progressed remarkably in 2013. Despite this, the global PV…

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Clean Energy Map

Our comprehensive map of clean energy projects in the region

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