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Oman Power and Water Procurement Company SAOC – Request for Proposal (RFP) for Wind Resource Assessment Campaign

Muscat, Oman, Sunday 15 October 2017: The Oman Power and Water Procurement Company SAOC (“the OPWP”), a member of Nama Group, is responsible for procuring new capacity for power and water and for purchasing and selling the output in the Sultanate of Oman in accordance with the requirements of the law for the regulation and…

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40,000 طالب من الإمارات يشاركون في المسابقات المدرسية حول الاستدامة

مدرسة ’GEMS مدرستنا الثانوية، الورقاء‘ تفوز بجائزة مسابقة مجلس صناعات الطاقة النظيفة عن فلم ’حماية الكوكب‘  دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة، 28 يونيو 2017: شارك أكثر من 40,000 طالب من 30 مدرسة في الإمارات العربية المتحدة في المسابقة المدرسية السنوية 2017 التي ينظمها مجلس صناعات الطاقة النظيفة، والتي اختتمت فعاليتها في 19 يونيو بحفل توزيع الجوائز…

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Interschool Sustainability Competition Engages over 40,000 Students across the UAE

GEMS Our Own High School Al Warqa’a wins Clean Energy Business Council’s 2017 Interschool Competition with ‘Protect the Planet’ Film   Dubai – UAE, 28 June 2017: More than 40,000 students from 30 schools across the Emirates participated in the 2017 edition of the Clean Energy Business Council’s (CEBC) annual UAE Interschool Competition. GEMS Our…

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UAE Can Become the Clean Energy Finance Capital of the World, Says Former DIFC Chief Economist

Dubai – UAE, 02 May 2016: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) can become the clean energy finance capital of the world, according to Dr. Nasser Saidi – former chief economist of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), and chairman of the Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC). Dr. Saidi said that UAE’s capital markets could ‘own the…

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Women Must Play a Greater Role in the Shift to Clean Energy, Say Industry Leaders

Dubai – UAE, 2 March 2015: Prominent women leaders from across the Middle East and North Africa’s clean energy community have today called for women to be more actively encouraged to seek and fill roles within the renewable energy industry. Senior representatives from the Women in Clean Energy (WICE) working group have said the absence of greater female…

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Sustainable Interschool Competition Draws Entries from 30 Schools, Engaging 65,000 Children across the Emirates

Dubai – UAE, 04 April 2016: More than 30 schools from across the United Arab Emirates participated in the Clean Energy Business Council’s (CEBC) 2016 interschool competition, which culminated yesterday with a ceremony hosted by this year’s competition winners Our Own High School Al Warqa’a. The winning school received AED 15,000 from Bee’ah – the competition sponsors, to support…

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UAE Cleantech Association Announces National Schools Renewable Energy Program

UAE based regional cleantech organization the Middle East Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) announced in April the nationwide launch of its Environmental Awareness Program across UAE schools. The Program is a national initiative aimed at educating students and the general public through children, their families and communities about energy efficiency measures and the role renewable energy technologies can play…

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The GCC and the European Union to foster clean energy partnership during event in Dubai

The EU-GCC Clean Energy Network and the Clean Energy Business Council will sign a MoU at the Network’s 1st Working Groups’ Consultation Workshop With rapid and fundamental transformation of the energy sector spurring new opportunities for joint actions between European and Gulf countries, the EU-GCC Clean Energy Network – which received a financial boost from the European Commission earlier…

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CEBC and UNDP Sign Agreement to Establish Arab Business Forum for Sustainable Development and Green Economy

Dubai, 17th April, 2014 – The Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) & the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a new Business Forum for Sustainable Development and Green Economy in the Arab region. The MOU was signed during the World Green Economy Summit, which took place 15-16 in Dubai in conjunction with WETEX 2014. The MOU…

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Clean Energy Business Council wins the Environmental Award 2014

Dubai, 12 March – The Clean Energy Business Council “CEBC” has won the Environmental Award 2014, organized by the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility and Tatweej Academy for Excellence Awards, for its achievements in adopting strategies and initiatives towards a sustainable future. CEBC was ranked among the best organizations in support of sustainability and the environment from the United…

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