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The global solar and PV industries continues to grow at a pace that beats analyst expectations. Although the last 12 months has witnessed continued growth it has not been without its challenges and has been described as profitless progress as consolidation forces stronger competition.

This had been expected following the oversupply by too many players rushing in hopeful profits only to discover the playing field was too crowded. Although more companies fell by the wayside and collaboration becomes a way to move forward, the overall growth of the industry has seen solar become the predominate renewable energy source which has coincided with increased attention from the traditional energy suppliers and pressure on governments to change the subsidy packages.

Governments around the world have reviewed their renewable energy policies and many are changing the level of support directed towards renewable energies. Companies know they need to continually reduce the overall process to ensure the next stage of industry growth, which will see full grid parity and solar move towards becoming a mainstream option for energy production. This next stage of market growth will test the patience of the entire value chain with tight margins and constant pressure to reduce costs.

Solar Magazine provides the knowledge from technology, industry, government across the entire photovoltaic value chain to enable companies to create competitive advantage. Distributed throughout Europe, USA, Asia and MENA region with over 51,000 copies both print and digital.

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