Coal and gas to stay cheap, but renewables still win race on costs

This year’s edition of BNEF’s long-term forecast sees $11.4 trillion investment in global power generation capacity over 25 years, with electric vehicles boosting electricity demand by 8% in 2040.


London and New York, 13 June 2016 – Low prices for coal and gas are likely to persist, but will fail to prevent a fundamental transformation of the world electricity system over coming decades towards renewable sources such as wind and solar, and towards balancing options such as batteries.


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COMPOSED OF ORGANIZATIONS from private and public sectors, the Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) is focused in the promotion of a greener world by advocating renewables, energy efficiency, smart grid, energy storage and clean energy technology and solutions. It is the stage of stakeholders to convene with ideas, technologies and projects and also the platform
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The Women in Clean Energy initiative aims to give women a platform to connect and empower themselves when it comes to sustainable energy practices. “Zamalek Island” speaks to  hairwoman of WICE Egypt Eng. Lamya Abdel Hady about the challenges facing Egyptian women in clean energy and Egypt’s first-ever women in clean energy convention, organized by WICE and set to be held in April 2016. Plus: Jo Rowbotham, Chairwoman of WICE Bahrain, outlines WICE’s work in harnessing the power of women in sustainable energy.


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